The goal of this project was to enhance Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) compliance in the RTEMS real-time operating system by adding newly proposed standard methods which are not currently supported in the RTEMS environment. …

I am building and testing with the SPARC ERC32 Board Support Package (BSP), a radiation-tolerant SPARC V7 processor developed for space applications. The ERC32 BSP has a robust simulator that runs test executables on the host computer and is recommended in the RTEMS quick-start guide.[1]

General steps to follow:

1) Ensure you have built the RTEMS tool chain for SPARC architecture using the RTEMS Source Builder.²

2) Clone the Newlib source code.

Having followed the RTEMS quick-start…

My first patch is straightforward, simply adding function prototypes and defining a macro in the sys/signal.h header file in newlib/libc. If you are not familiar with Newlib, it is an open-source standard C library for use in embedded systems. …

Matthew Joyce

Studies Computer Science at Oregon State University. Student Developer with the RTEMS project through Google Summer of Code, 2021. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

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